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Rebuild Your Damaged Teeth with Quality Dental Crowns

When your teeth seem damaged beyond repair, Dr. Robert Holloway can repair them using natural-looking dental crowns. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped appliance encasing your entire tooth to improve its appearance and health. Dental crowns placed at Robert L. Holloway, DDS, resemble your teeth in both looks and feel. Once installed, they are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

Why you may need a dental crown

Dental crowns may be small, but they do a lot of “heavy lifting” in dentistry. Dr. Holloway can recommend a dental crown to fix numerous dental issues, including:

  • Replacing a weakened dental filling
  • Repairing extensive tooth damage
  • Securing a dental bridge in place
  • Topping off a dental implant
  • Cosmetically improving a stained or misshapen tooth

We aim to deliver unnoticeable dentistry. Even as we resolve your dental problem, we do it with aesthetics in mind.

The dental crown placement procedure

If you have damaged teeth, you are only two dental appointments away from a healthy, beautiful smile. During the initial appointment, we examine your tooth and the surrounding bone to ensure they are stable enough for dental crown treatment. If you are a prime candidate for a crown, the next step is tooth preparation.

Under anesthesia, we file down and reshape your tooth to create space for a crown. Next, we take your oral impressions to ensure our lab technicians fabricate crowns that look natural and fit well. Since your dental crown fabrication may take a few weeks, we protect your prepped tooth by installing a temporary crown.

In your second appointment, we will remove your temporary crown and try your permanent crown. Where necessary, we make a few adjustments to ensure your crown fits well and looks natural. If all is well, we use dental cement and curing light to bond your crown in place. And just like that, you can now flash your newfound smile to the world.

Restore your smile with durable dental crowns

Would you like to restore your damaged teeth with dental crowns? Please dial (317) 672-0950 to book an appointment with Robert L. Holloway, DDS, for durable dental crowns. You will benefit from our skillful clinicians and outstanding procedures.

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