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Restore Your Smile with Natural-looking Dental Fillings

If you live in Noblesville, Indiana, and have cavities Robert L. Holloway, DDS, uses composite fillings to treat teeth. Unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings are aesthetically appealing — once in place, no one will tell you ever had tooth decay.

The dental filling procedure

While dental fillings are known for treating cavities, Dr. Robert Holloway can use composite fillings to fix chipped or cracked teeth. If you want to benefit from dental fillings, the procedure is pretty fast and painless.

First, we start by numbing your gums to reduce discomfort during treatment. Then, we remove the decayed portion and clean it thoroughly to eliminate harmful bacteria. We then “fill” out the area with composite resin in layers and harden the material using a curing light. Finally, we reshape and polish your filling to ensure your bite feels comfortable.

The only aftercare tip after dental filling treatment is to avoid chewing or eating for about two hours after the procedure. Until the anesthesia wears out, or you may bite your tongue or cheeks when chewing. Otherwise, you should go about your everyday activities as you usually do.

Benefits of composite fillings

Today, several materials can be used to manufacture dental fillings. Teeth can be filled with silver amalgam (a mixture of mercury, zinc, tin, and copper), gold, and composite material. However, we prefer composite materials (a blend of glass particles and acrylic resin) because they offer numerous benefits, like:

  • Cosmetically appealing — composite fillings “mimic” the shade of your enamel to deliver natural-looking results.
  • Safety — composite fillings have no known safety concerns. They don’t contain materials harmful to your body.
  • Durability — they can last for as many as ten years with proper maintenance.
  • Conservative — we only drill out a small portion of your tooth to fix your tooth with a composite filling.

Whether you need to treat your tooth in the front or back, composite fillings are versatile enough to fix tooth damage anywhere in the mouth. If you want to treat your tooth with composite fillings in Noblesville, IN, please dial (317) 672-0950 to schedule an appointment with our Robert L. Holloway, DDS team.

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