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Achieve a Healthy and Beautiful Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Have you lost your teeth to injury or decay? Do you have damaged or decayed teeth? Is gum disease wreaking havoc on your oral health? You have come to the right place. At Robert L. Holloway, DDS, we offer restorative dentistry to restore the health and appearance of your smile. Think of restorative dental care as a way to hug yourself after life throws punches at you.

How we restore your smile in Noblesville, Indiana

Restorative dental care involves several procedures to reinstate your dental health after an issue has occurred. While preventative dentistry is admired for its ability to prevent dental problems, restorative dentistry is equally significant, and it should be sought quickly before your dental care problems become big, painful, and costly.

Not sure how restorative dentistry helps your smile? Here are a few ways Dr. Robert Holloway and the team use restorative dental care to rebuild your smile.

  • Dental crowns: Dental caps are tooth-shaped caps installed on damaged teeth to restore their health and appearance. Dental crowns extend to the gum line, which gives your tooth all-rounded protection against injuries and infections.
  • Dental fillings: Most people, if not all, have had a cavity at some point in life. While cavities used to be a big deal in the past, treating a cavity is straightforward today, thanks to composite fillings. These fillings are easily molded, hence treating your cavity without drilling much of the tooth. Besides, composite fillings can be color-matched to preserve the natural aesthetics of your smile.
  • Root canal treatment: If you have an infected tooth, it doesn’t always need extraction. Dr. Holloway can remove the diseased pulp tissue and restore your tooth to its former self. Root canal therapy reduces pain and preserves your natural tooth.
  • Tooth replacements: Whether you have lost one, several, or all of your teeth, we offer implants, dentures, and bridges to replace what injury, decay, or disease has robbed you.
  • Periodontal care: Gum disease is a severe oral condition, but it’s no match for our periodontal treatments. We offer deep dental cleanings and other treatments to halt the progression of periodontal disease.

You shouldn’t take dental problems lightly, whether it’s a simple cavity or something worse. Consider restorative dental care from Robert L. Holloway, DDS, to restore your smile to its optimal state. Please dial (317) 672-0950 to get the smile you deserve.

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